'I can’t wait to get my teeth back into broking,' says Mike Williams

Former Biba chief executive Mike Williams has joined Coversure to open a branch in Chelmsford, Essex.

Williams, who also previously headed compliance network UKGI, has acquired a renewal book from IRS, the brokerage run by Bob Beckett and will be dealing with renewals from January.

Insurance Times revealed in October that Williams was set to launch his own broking business.

Williams said “I can’t wait to get my teeth back into broking. Coversure has given me the ideal platform to manage my clients.

"I wanted to spend as much of my time as possible looking after my clients, and as little as possible on systems, finance and compliance. That’s why I chose the franchise route.”

Coversure chairman Mark Coverdale said: “We have known Mike for a long time, and built up a mutual respect over the years. I am very happy that Mike has chosen to get back into broking, and even more pleased that he has done this through Coversure.”