Telematics technology can contact policyholder immediately to see if assistance is needed

Telematics firm Wunelli has launched an improved claims system that can notify insurers of a crash within two minutes of the incident happening.

The system can then call the policyholder to see if any assistance is needed.

Wunelli said this could mean that tow trucks, hire cars and loss assessors could be at the site of the crash within 30 minutes, reducing the overall cost of the claim.

Managing director Penny Searles said: “Our crash reporting is accurate enough to report on all types of collisions, from high speed, high impact claims to those that occur at low speed with low impact crashes in almost real-time.

“Insurers can therefore prioritise and determine the most appropriate response for each customer, setting the wheels in motion for the claim to be processed. We are now achieving crash reporting on 97% of claims for our insurer clients.”

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