Technology provider to open delivery hubs in the Philippines and China


Xchanging has unveiled its plans to open new delivery centres at two locations in Asia.

The technology provider already operating out of 11 locations in Asia Pacific (APAC), and is now setting up two more centres in the Philippines and China.

The centres are being established to cater to the global demand for business process and IT outsourcing and procurement services in the insurance, real estate, banking, financial services and other industries.

Xchanging will also add cloud computing services in conjunction with YTL delivery insight through Xchanging Malaysia.

Xchanging said its strategy was in line with analyst predictions that the business process outsourcing market in APAC is on target to reach $6.45bn this year and to hit $9.5bn (£5.8bn) by 2016.

Currently, Xchanging has 4,500 staff at 18 offices across APAC, servicing more than 250 clients. Xchanging’s APAC business includes Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, India, China and Japan with clients also in Thailand and Indonesia.

Xchanging Insurance Services head of relations Julie Lynch said: “APAC is a key market for us as we continue to grow our business globally. The new locations and services build on an already broad range of services we provide for customers across the region.

“APAC is obviously a very diverse region culturally but the issues there are the same as other territories and Xchanging is very proud to be at the heart of this exciting region as it undergoes unprecedented transformational expansion.”