Thursday, 17 August 2017

Exclusive: MGA broadens cover as it replaces lost Markerstudy capacity

The MGA has signed up new insurer partners to provide fleet insurance

Managing general agency (MGA) Century Underwriting is planning to expand into new lines in 2017 as it signs up new insurer capacity.

The MGA announced today that it has replaced its previous capacity arrangement from Markerstudy for fleet insurance with new insurer partners.

Following the acquisition of Chaucer’s motor book in 2015 Markerstudy wants to focus on growing its in-house fleet book.

A spokesman for Century said: “With effect from 1st January 2017 these strategic partnerships will broaden our appetite to include haulage, courier, self-drive hire, own goods and private hire risks.

“Our motor team led by Ian White are looking forward to a busy start to 2017.”

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