Leading an investigation into Google's aggregator purchase and seeing the Ideal conmen go down


Google is buying BeatThatQuote. Some critics think Google is some kind of sinister giant taking over the world, but I’m not so sure. I get the feeling it wouldn’t compromise its brand, which, after all, is based around the slogan “Don’t be evil”.


At Southwark Crown Court for the sentencing of broker conmen Neil Mckay and Faron Wilson. As they receive a total of 10 years, I hear the cries of their families. I have no sympathy. That is with Roger Price, who lost his life savings thanks to the pair.


Andy Haste has scooped a share windfall. Some grimace at City pay, but pension funds rely on these FTSE-100 firms churning out dividends. I have no problem with this kind of remuneration.


Get a tip that solicitors’ professional indemnity (PI) insurers have been hit with a £38m cash call for previous years’ claims. Up it goes online. Solicitors’ PI should have been reformed years ago.


It’s press day and I’m writing up my week!