It has been a week of good news for Ageas, bad news for ambulance chasers and terrible news for West Ham ...


Ageas UK posts its first-quarter results and it’s good news for Barry Smith’s firm as it returns to a profit of £3.8m, compared with last year’s Q1 loss of £3.2m. Latest figures reveal that PPI complaints more than doubled last year. When will they end?


The ABI wants an end to the increasing number of whiplash claims, blaming ambulance-chasing lawyers and claims farmers. Insurers pay out almost £2bn in whiplash claims each year.


When will rates rise and by how much? The answers still aren’t clear but Lloyd’s insurer Omega says the market should expect incremental rate rises across most classes for the rest of 2011.


I begin preparing myself for life following West Ham in the Championship. The industry holds its breath as volcanic ash makes an unwelcome comeback.


It’s press day, but online we release our exclusive interview with Chubb Europe chief executive Michael Casella.