GWP less treaty: £137.1m

Hamilton Insurance


North Street, Winkfield, Windsor SL4 4TD

t: 01344 890 000

f: 01344 892 288

Year established: 1983

Major shareholders: HFC Bank

Main lines of business: Creditor insurance, personal accident, critical illness, income protection, buildings and contents and private medical insurance.

Subsidiaries: Hamilton Insurance, Hamilton Life Insurance

Company history:

Hamilton Insurance Company and Hamilton Life Insurance are subsidiaries of HFC Bank.

The majority of the business is payment protection insurance in support of HFC Bank's range of personal secured and unsecured loans, credit cards and retail loans.

Mortgage related business, predominantly mortgage payment protection insurance and buildings and contents insurance, is also sold through a number of external insurance agents.

HFC was taken over in March 2003 by HSBC.

Chief officer: Stephen Young, managing director, Hamilton Insurance and Hamilton Life Insurance.