Chauffeur firm cuts premium after taking advice from consultancy 

A chauffeur firm has had its insurance costs slashed by 22% after taking advice from a fleet consultancy firm to install cameras and get drivers to take safety courses.

All Electric Chauffeur Services had launched with a 25-strong fleet of Telsa electric cars.

It managed to cut its initial premium by 22% after consultancy firm Fleet Managers Friend ordered it to equip the fleet with forward-facing 3G cameras linked to a central computer screen highlighting video footage with just a 10-second viewing delay.

Furthermore, all th chauffeurs were ordered to take an electric car driving course.

This was in addition to driving licence validation with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and creating a range of driver guides and awareness communications, according to Fleet News.

Paul Holmes, who launched FMF Ltd in 2014, said: “Working with a blank canvas is always a challenge, but once we understood the requirements of the All Electrical Chauffeur Services’ business, the team put a risk reduction structure in place that fits with the operation and the insurers seemed very pleased with what we did, hence the drop in premium costs. 

“We will continue to work with All Electric Chauffeur Services and having delivered a 22% insurance premium saving in their first year our aim is to deliver a 50% saving in the second year.”