A night at the theatre, an evening with a property broker and a morning chatting with Bernard Mageean


I’m off to the Globe theatre for Clear Insurance’s 10th anniversary party. The event is good and well attended, though it’s hard to ignore the un-Shakespearian aluminium scaffolding currently supporting parts of the theatre.


After work, I meet Wayne Tonge from Keelan Westall and hear more about the property broker’s plans.


RBSI reveals it has pulled in £15m from referral fees in the first half of the year, 7% of its £206m profits.


The Insurance Fraud Bureau and Metropolitan Police have done well to crack another ‘crash for cash’ scheme. Interest is running high - these stories always get huge hits online.


I speak to former QBE property boss Bernard Mageean, who is upbeat about his new role at Broker Network and Countrywide. Renowned as a tough negotiator, he should certainly command respect on the other side of the fence.