Deal with Collingwood gives short-term polices for learners

The AA has launched online learner driver insurance in partnership with Collingwood Insurance Services, charging just over £3 a day for a 28-day fully comprehensive policy, and less if using an AA instructor.

The price drops to 76.50 (2.73 per day) if introduced by an AA driving instructor.

Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance and the AA Driving School, said: "It's vital that young drivers gain as much experience as possible while learning, in addition to their formal driving lessons.

"But many parents are put off adding their youngster as a ‘named driver' to their policy because the additional premium could run into several hundreds of pounds. As a result many learners have little opportunity to gain experience other than their hourly sessions in an instructor's vehicle.

“They don't build up the ‘driving hours' that are important to gain both confidence and competence to drive safely once they have passed their test.”

The policy includes

  • Fully comprehensive cover on a car owned by a parent, relation or friend
  • No impact on the car owner's no-claim bonus in the event of an accident
  • Cover for any qualifying driver regardless of who owns the car.
  • The supervising driver is covered in the event of an emergency, to drive the car back to a central point, such as home.