Environment Agency information is most accurate for insurers

The ABI will disseminate new flood risk data to insurers after the Environment Agency (EA) released new information on 29 January.

An ABI spokesman said: "We are currently evaluating the information and will issue it to members shortly."

He added that the data was the "most accurate information out there".

Insurers needed accurate and detailed data to assess risks to uphold the ABI's Statement of Principles.

The EA's senior project manager Kevin Jeynes said the data released was for assessment purposes. "This data is an ongoing project for the Risk Assessment for Strategy Planners (RASP).

"It is at a very early stage and adapted for insurers to implement so they can adhere to the Statement of Principles."

Jeynes acknowledged the data was not for risk assessment on an individual level and that there were "some issues" with it.

But the EA would assess the data and get feedback through the ABI.

"We need to see the outputs first and produce a programme depending on this output," he said.

  • The appeal to the House of Lords in the case of Marcic v Thames Water is expected to take place in October. Thames Water is appealing the ruling that it breached Marcic's human rights after failing to take reasonable steps to prevent his house flooding.

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