While Biba's aim to increase contract certainty is laudable, why does Peter Staddon want to stop at 90% perfection? (News, 16 June).

Surely one in 10 clients who don't receive accurate confirmation of their deal is still far too many. As professionals we have to set our sights higher than that.

The concept that clients should fully understand the terms of the deal before they commit to it is the very least they should expect from our industry.

In fact, when it comes to commercial business the more complex and difficult the arrangements are the more important this becomes for broker, client and insurer. So why does this prove such a difficult concept when the benefits to all are so obvious?

The surveys being conducted by Biba and the ABI might well highlight problems in the regions, but we already know this to be the case. The effort should be applied to finding a workable solution instead.

Will an extension to 30 days for complex cases solve the problem when many are struggling to deal with the current 21-day recommendations. I doubt it.

For years now clients and brokers have had to wait months for policy terms and conditions to be issued.

Surveys and risk requirements taking even longer still to sort out. It has gone on for so long now that it has become accepted practice and it will only change if brokers and insurers match the tough talk with action.

We decided to act earlier this year by launching the market's first three-step contract certainty money back guarantee for clients.

Isn't it about time the whole industry did the same, and all of us strived to get it right for 100% of our clients?

Kevin Pallet
Managing director
Fusion Insurance