Algarve Underwriting Agency is to be rebranded to become Lycetts Broker Services

Lycetts is re-branding its Algarve division, based in Surrey, under the Lycetts Group of companies.

Lycetts said that officially aligning Algarve into the Lycetts Group will allow Algarve to benefit from Lycetts established brand and reputation, and fully exploit Lycetts' national network of clients and partners. As part of the move Algarve Underwriting Agencies will be re-branded to become Lycetts Broker Services.

David Hewitt, director of Algarve and Lycetts, commented: "The Algarve name is very well known within the arboricultural and forestry industries. The re-branding to Lycetts, with their reputation in the countryside arena, will strengthen our position as one of the market leaders. We are delighted to be part of the Lycetts family."