Allianz Cornhill is being sued by CGU Insurance in a $1.2m (£720,000) reinsurance dispute.

CGU claims it is owed the money by Allianz Cornhill under the terms of a reinsurance contract, which relates to cover for Burnett & Company Inc and Miller Energy Insurance.

CGU has filed a breach-of-contract claim at the High Court demanding $1.2m (£720,000) from Allianz Cornhill.

CGU is also seeking a declaration from Allianz Cornhill that it "remains liable to the claimant [CGU] for any further amounts rendered pursuant to the said contract of reinsurance".

CGU said it was also claiming interest on any sum adjudged to be due to the company.

Allianz Cornhill was unavailable for comment when Insurance Times went to press.