Allianz Worldwide Care left a company's employees without medical cover, after reneging on an agreement to cover them, claims a broker.

Premier Healthcare Management broker Alex Coffey said Allianz accepted his quotation for his client, Sabic Global, but later refused to cover employees with medical conditions.

When Coffey complained to Allianz, he was sent a letter informing him that he would no longer be allowed to represent them, and any clients interested in Allianz insurance products must be referred directly.

"If an insurance company agrees to accept a risk, it is very unusual for them to back away," said Coffey.

"This could have cost me a major client. Having experienced this, the client is amazed.

"There is not a broker in the country who would want to deal with a company that behaves like this."

Allianz initially offered cover from the 1 January 2002.

In an email, a salesman for the company said: "Once [application forms are] received, we will consider

any medical issues for each member and will, where applicable, place a loading

on the policy, rather than exclude the condition."

But in later correspondences, Allianz refused cover for three people with medical conditions and a pregnant woman.

Allianz Worldwide Care chief executive Ron Buchan said: "On no occasion did we say we would accept the risk without having seen medical evidence."

He added that it is an insurer's prerogative to refuse to deal with a broker.