Allianz Cornhill is launching a pilot scheme to encourage small brokers to place more business with it.

The pilot with smaller provincial and high street brokers, known as service brokers, will be launched in Maidstone, Kent, during April.

Brokers in the pilot scheme will have a dedicated team and marketing support to help them develop their Allianz account.

Allianz Cornhill general manager commercial lines Chris Hanks said it would not involve any new products. "It's about the way we target them and the way we deal with them," he said.

Hanks said the pilot would separate service brokers into those who wanted to work more closely with the insurer, which he estimated would be a third of its service brokers, and those who did not.

The insurer would work to develop its relationship with those who responded positively to the initiative.

Hanks said the pilot was part of a regionally-based strategy. "Our challenge this year is to get our proposition understood and to get brokers to place more business with us," said Hanks. "Service brokers are a specific area of our focus. This is not about cost, it's about how we can be more effective."

The insurer has approximately 2,500 agencies with service brokers.