The article, "ABI rejects return to DWP pilots" (News, 4 May), was a misrepresentation of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers' position on streamlining the claims process.

While we have repeatedly said that there are elements of the Department of Work and Pensions' employers' liability (EL) pilot scheme which should be actively explored in current discussions about improving the process, we have never called for the wholescale reinstatement of a scheme which ultimately failed. To do so would be unhelpful and counter-productive.

What emerged from the EL pilot scheme discussions was a consensus on many specific issues, such as the early notification of claims, the key role of rehabilitation and other aspects of the process, which demonstrates that all the parties involved should be able to work together to streamline costs and eliminate duplication without seeking fresh starts or quick fixes.

Apil looks forward to the continuing discussions about achieving this aim for the benefit of claimants.

Denise Kitchener
Chief executive
Association of Personal Injury Lawyers