No one should think the government’s reforms mean they no longer have to worry about health and safety

While the prime minister’s health and safety reforms are largely welcomed, the stated resolution to “kill off the health and safety culture for good” was perhaps a little careless.

Okay, this may refer to silly stories about conkers and goggles but it did seem to suggest businesses are off the hook as far as “elf and safety” is concerned.

While regulation will be cut, the regulatory requirements will remain the same so businesses need to take proportionate measures.

Proportionate is the key word and insurers have fully supported this sensible approach. It starts with focusing on the causal factors in the relevant industry.

It also means not being a soft touch. It is vital businesses have a strategy to spot potentially fraudulent claims.

By recognising speculative claims early and defending liability promptly, litigation is avoided, costs are saved and a clear message sent that the business is not easy prey.