US jury rejects $127,000 lawsuit against 12-year old for hug-gone-wrong

Aunt facebook

An aunt who sued her 12-year old nephew over a broken wrist said she was pushed into the lawsuit by an insurance company.

New York woman Jennifer Connell (pictured: source Facebook) said she wanted her nephew’s parents’ homeowner’s insurance to pay her medical bills, but the insurance company offered only $1 compensation.

Connell, 54, broke her wrist when her nephew, then eight, ran to her for a hug and knocked her over.

Speaking on US TV, alongside her nephew, Connell said she was “never comfortable” with the lawsuit.

She said the insurance company told her she had to name the 12-year-old in the suit.

“This was simply a case of formality with an insurance claim,” Connell said. “I said at the start of this, ‘I don’t understand why. I don’t want to sue Sean.’”

A Connecticut jury this week rejected Connell’s $127,000 lawsuit.

Since the court appearance, Connell has been vilified in the press and social media.

Connell that the injury has made it difficult to walk up the stairs in her Manhattan apartment building, and that her social life has been negatively impacted.

The boy’s mother died last year.