Internet of Things

CFC chief underwriting officer Andy Holmes

Andy Holmes: Maintaining public relevance means breaking ‘two tablets of stone around insurance’


CFC’s chief underwriting officer says ‘cyber is perhaps at the cutting edge of where insurance more generally should go, if it is to remain relevant going forward’

Artificial intelligence

Broker CEO Forum: Generative AI to become ‘really interesting’ tool for brokers selling data poor lines


After picking the ‘low hanging fruit’ around machine learning, brokers ‘need to be thinking about’ how generative artificial intelligence can help bolster their ‘insight’ and ‘expertise’

Insurtech 50 cover

In 2023 we launched our inaugural Insurtech 50 report, produced exclusively by Insurance Times and based on data provided by business management consultancy Oxbow Partners.

This report collates a portfolio of the 50 most innovative UKGI insurtechs that insurers and brokers should have on their partnership radar, based on specific criteria defined by Insurance Times to reflect the needs and interests of our readership.

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