"Spitzer fall-out hits UK brokers" and "a third of brokers are concerned" (News, 3 March). It will be interesting to learn what those concerns are because we each see things from our own perspective and we can then reach a consensus of opinion on the way forward.

For example, I see the 'Spitzer fall-out' as one symptom of a commercial tsumani caused by the invention of the internet and exacerbated by the human element.

Having been a broker since 1964 I have come to the conclusion it is time to go back to basics, learn from past mistakes and take the right steps forward in a changing world which is rapidly getting smaller every day.

It also leads me to regard the human factor as a fifth dimension and to describe the needs of the insurance professional with the word KUCI - knowledge, understanding, communication and intent.
John Lynch
Managing director
Insurance Advisory Service