The tit-for-tat legal battle between taxi insurer Servico and broker Whiterose Insurance will drag on into the New Year after Servico was advised to amend its original summons.

Servico is sueing Whiterose principal Pritam Atwal for alleged non-payment, while Atwal has submitted a counterclaim against Servico for the business he claims to have lost while Servico refused to deal with him.

The pair have been in conflict since October, as reported in Insurance Times.

This Monday, Atwal received a fax notifying him of Servico's intention of amending its summons.

A spokeswoman for Atwal said: "It's definitely going to go on into the New Year. They won't get a hearing before Christmas and I think nothing will happen until February, unless they're willing to settle."

Servico director Stephen Arnold said the company had been advised to submit more detail to support its claim.

"We put in a summons, together with a statement, but we've been advised that we need to list it invoice by invoice including copy paperwork and a breakdown for further clarification," Arnold said.