Mageean now director of insurer relations

Bernard Mageean, Broker Network, QBE

Bernard Mageean has joined Broker Network and Countrywide as director of insurer relations.

Mageean was previously QBE Europe managing director of property. He left last November after the insurer shook up its European arm.

He will now be responsible for managing the relationships between insurers and Broker Network/Countrywide.

Broker Network and Countrywide managing director Nick Houghton said: “Bernard brings significant experience to this crucial role which allows us to strike that delicate balance of delivering value to both of our customers – the member and the insurer.”

Mageean said: “I am particularly looking forward to forging relationships with network brokers and to getting a quick, clear understanding of what they need from our partner panel. Having worked in various regions across the UK with independent brokers, I am able to recognise the challenges these businesses may face.”