Customer service will be king this year

In his new year message, David Cameron spoke of a difficult and uncertain 2012 as the economy struggled. No surprise there.

More encouragingly, I work with many network members who are planning for growth. Their common attitude is that they can’t influence the economy and it’s the same for everyone. Just get on with it.

Often income will be linked to clients’ financial health, but they see that uncertain times offer an opportunity to reassess relationships and to be inventive in helping clients.

Successful brokers will focus on their customers (and prospective customers), listen to them and deliver their service accordingly. Other brokers will focus more on efficiency, and relegate SME clients to a ‘box-ticking’ service.

My new year message to the regional independent broker is: recognise what you are good at and get even better at it. 2012 is full of opportunity.

Nick Houghton is managing director of Broker Network