Biba has thrown down the gauntlet to the General Insurance Standards Council by threatening to get tough on behalf of its members.

Mike Williams, Biba's chief executive, said: "There are going to be times when we will fight them. We want an efficient, effective regulator doing so on a level playing field. Our members want the competition subject to the same rules."

Williams says he has been totally supportive of GISC and understands that it could not start with a full regulatory regime on day one. But, he says, Biba honed down its members responses to the consultation documents into 36 points and it will still want to see rules toughened up quickly and loopholes closed.

"We haven't got the 36 things we asked for and we will get to a time soon when we will be representing our members and they will be regulating our members," Williams said.

Biba would be demanding further changes. "GISC isn't perfect. It's a long way from perfect but we firmly believe the GISC will be the only regulator in town and you have to be on the inside if you want to see differentiation for brokers from the GISC board. You have to be inside to fight for the changes you seek."