co-founder to announce the winners on the main stage tomorrow

Biba has launched a hackathon at its annual conference.

Eight teams are taking part, comprised of competitors from insurers, brokers, data and tech firms.

The hackathon lasts six hours and will finish at 2.30pm.

Martha Lane-Fox, co-founder of will present the winning team on the main stage tomorrow.

Biba head of public affairs and innovation lead, Andy Thornley said: “This is a great opportunity for brokers to see how technology can really help solve some of today’s meaty issues for them and their customers.  The teams are deliberately mixed and will all share the knowledge brought by roving experts in the fields of the law, data, compliance and insurance.  We’re delighted to have had such great support and excited to see the outcomes.

“I really hope that brokers will see all of the exiting developments with technology and appreciate how it can make their business more efficient and profitable.”