Insure Apps adds property and liability claims to its app, joining its motor claims platform

Insure Apps, a Biba partner, has today added property and liability to its claims app.

Insure Apps launched its motor claims app last summer, and it has also added enhancements to that facility.

It says the new modules will help ”guide a client through what information needs to be captured and allows the broker to pre-configure where the data is sent.”

It believes the new additions will lead to faster reporting times, greater details and will create efficiencies for claims handlers, insurers and the customer.

Stephen Marshall, managing director of Insure Apps said: “It’s great to be fulfilling the next stage in helping to digitise insurance. Just look at the way people use their phones, it’s a logical and exciting step on the journey.

”With the backing of BIBA, some key brokers and insurers we’ve only just started, the more people that come on board the better the collaboration and ideas generated become.”