Brokers’ association supports independent medical panel to diagnose whiplash

Graeme Trudgill

Biba has welcomed the Ministry of Justice’s consultation into tackling the number and cost of whiplash claims.

Biba’s support for the consultation adds to the strong support shown by the rest of the UK general insurance industry.

Commenting on the plans, Biba corporate affairs head Graeme Trudgill said: “The UK is the whiplash capital of Europe - fraudulent whiplash claims are not a victimless crime, they are driving up honest motorists’ premiums by £90 every year.”

Biba supports the proposal for an independent medical panel to diagnose whiplash injuries and believes it is an important step in tackling the 60% increase in personal injury claims relating to road accidents since 2006, despite a 20% fall in reported accidents. Biba added that it wants to see the right balance between preserving access to justice for innocent victims while ensuring that exaggerated and fraudulent claims can be challenged.

Trudgill said: “Tackling the whiplash epidemic is the number one issue that we identified in our eight point plan to reduce the cost of motor insurance, and we look forward to working with the government as this develops.”