Born-again bikers should retrain before they get back on their bike, concludes a survey by motorcycle insurer Bennetts.

Some 43% of respondents felt rusty bikers should undergo a compulsory refresher course before taking off on their Harleys or Ninjas.

And 51% felt bikers returning to the road after a long break were a road hazard.

The survey was undertaken in response to a Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI) report which found one fifth of all motorcycle accidents do not involve any other road users.

The report also estimated there are 150,000 bikers a year going back to the road without retraining.

Lack of experience is the major cause of motorcycle accidents as well as a mismatch between rider and bike capability.

Bennetts is offering bikers who have completed certain training courses, as well as riders who have more than one year's experience, a discount off their insurance premiums.