Insurer wants to focus more on global business

Brit Insurance has announced that it will not renew its sponsorship of the England cricket team.

The insurer made the decision because it is now concentrating more on global business, according to a statement from the England Cricket Board (ECB).

Brit has backed the cricket team since 2010, and the insurers logo was emblazoned across all the players’ kit. Brit sponsored the top England male and female teams as well as the England Lions youth team and the England Disability teams.

Brit Group chief executive Mark Cloutier said: “We are very proud to have partnered with the ECB and supported them in what has been a fantastic period in English cricket.

“We will continue to cheer on England’s cricketers, but, as Brit’s business has re-shaped and developed into something very different to the business it was a few years ago, it’s right that we step back and allow another sponsor to come forward and build on this brilliant partnership opportunity. We wish England cricket the very best success in the years ahead.”

ECB commercial director John Perera said: “The ECB thanks Brit for what has been an important and successful partnership for both parties.”