Brokers will hold their ground against the threat posed by technology, according to one leading technology expert.

Paul Evans, a senior consultant at insurance IT specialists Total Systems, said: "There will always be a broker market because there will always be products you need to buy, and can only buy, through a broker. There is a limit to what can be done online."

The warning came at a London conference this week organised by Total Systems to highlight the importance of technology in the general insurance market.

Evans added that brokers should nevertheless use technology to their own advantage.

"There are real opportunities for brokers to exploit technology more in their day-to-day business," said Evans.

And Paul Leach, head of new partner development at software company Invu Services, said that brokers should use electronic document management to keep ahead of the FSA.

"It solves compliance and record keeping issues and keeps the FSA happy," he said.

However, Colin Fox, sales director at Total Systems, warned there existed an "inertia" in the market towards technology. "Big challenges remain, as a degree of inertia exists in the industry when introducing technology," he said.