Marketing company Countrywide has signed up law consultancy, Peninsula, so its 1,200 members can offer their clients employment law advice.

Employment tribunals are set to rise to record levels this year because of new employment regulations, such as the Working Time Directive and the forthcoming Fairness at Work.

Peninsula expects the number of tribunals to exceed 110,000 in the UK this year, after reaching the record-breaking figure of 100,000 in 1999.

The company has already handled more than 1,000 tribunal applications in the first quarter of the year.

Brokers will be paid a 10% introduction fee for each client they introduce to Peninsula. Peninsula chief executive, Peter Done, said the insurance brokers' account has become its most profitable in the past four years.

"We have picked up a tremendous amount of business from small to medium-sized brokers who do not have the resources to offer the in-house expertise of the large broker firms," he said.

Peninsula offers clients a one-year or three-year deal. Prices depend on the size of the client's workforce and payroll and level of service they want.

The Manchester law consultancy, which increased its client base by 25% to 7000 last year, offers a review of contracts and health and safety procedures, a 24-hour helpline and an advocacy service.

"With the complexity of employment law changes, this is a valuable service," said Countrywide sales and marketing director Simon Trott.

Pensinsula guarantees money back if it provides wrong information.