A Scottish broker has panned software house CSC after not being able to send documents electronically to insurers through its Quotel EDI system for the third week running, despite repeated attempts to get the problem rectified.

“We are having to issue manual cover notes and we cannot get into the system to alter the details of existing customers' policies,” a spokeswoman for Miller Ross of Johnstone, near Paisley, said.

The system being down means the broker cannot contact all the insurers it normally deals with using the EDI system, including Norwich Union, Groupama and Zurich.

The spokeswoman said repeated attempts had been made to get Quotel to sort out the problem, but with no success. The spokeswoman said it was difficult even to get through to someone on the telephone, and a fax she sent had not been answered.

“The telephone number is constantly engaged,” she said. She added that she had sometimes been an hour on the phone trying to get through to Quotel's helpdesk.

She said on February 5 that she had managed to speak to a supervisor who assured her that someone would come to sort out the problem. No one turned up.

On February 14, after holding for three quarters of an hour, she managed to get through to the helpdesk again.

She said she was told that the problem had been noted and that the helpdesk staff were not in a position to tell other people when they should do their jobs.

No one at CSC was available for comment when Insurance Times contacted them.