Doug Humberstone joins insurance outsourcer

Capita Insurance Services has hired the Lloyd’s Market Association’s Doug Humberstone as director of its Lloyd’s shared services platform.

He will be part of the team reporting to the chief executive of Capita Insurance and Regulatory Services Karen Clements.

Doug was previously manager of underwriting and claims operations at the Lloyd’s Market Association (LMA).

Capita launched its Lloyd’s shared services platform in December 2013. It offers risk registration and cash management to the Lloyd’s service company community in Singapore.

Clements said: “Our platform is the first market service for the Lloyd’s community in Singapore.

“One of our ambitions is to widen the services offered to include a claims function and Doug’s experience and claims expertise will be instrumental in facilitating this expansion.”

Humberstone added: “Capita is an ambitious business and is serious about growth and innovation. The Singapore shared services platform encapsulates this and I am looking forward to working closely with Lloyd’s, our current clients and future clients who will be joining the Singapore platform in due course.”

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