People are more likely to look for car insurance online than any other personal finance product, according to a Mori poll for online insurance supermarket Screentrade.

The survey found that 21% of people had looked for car insurance on the internet in the past six months, ahead of stocks and shares (14%) and current accounts (13%).

Car insurance also topped people's future online plans, with 47% of respondents saying they planned to use the internet to look for quotes. A third of those surveyed planned to search online for house insurance.

Nearly half those using the internet had used it to seek information about financial services and the number of people buying financial products online was up 18% to 2.3 million, compared to six months ago.

More than half of those surveyed said they had experienced no problems buying online.

But 22% said the internet was very slow or that they had experienced technical problems.

And nearly a fifth said a site had crashed before their transaction had been completed.

But credit card fraud, often a reservation among those not buying online, had only been experienced by 1% of respondents.

The research is carried out every six months to chart changes in internet use among consumers.