Police and CII to help firms cope with terrorism

The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) is holding a terrorist workshop with London police to help firms cope in the event of an attack.

The CII London Market Faculty and City of London Police are holding the Counter Terrorist Workshop on November 10.

If follows on from a successful inaugural event earlier this year.

CII faculties manager Gillian Donegan said: “Regrettably the threat of terrorism continues to be an everyday part of 21st century life.

“Against this background there remains a continuing and pressing need for businesses of all sizes to plan how best to deal with the potential disruption caused by a major terrorist incident.

“Our workshop features a simulation of an attack - posing various questions and dilemmas for the delegates to resolve, providing a unique opportunity to work out how businesses, staff and customers are best protected.”

The first event was delivered by Counter Terrorism Security Advisors and hosted by the CII.

Toni Longman, a director at Heath Lambert,said; “I found the workshop thought provoking - it has raised the profile of terrorism and business continuity in my mind with regards to my own organisation, and I will develop some of the themes and points raised today for inclusion in discussions with clients and in the advice I provide to them.”