Product designed to fill coverage gaps in standard policies


Credit insurer Coface’s UK and Ireland unit has launched TopLiner, a supplementary credit insurance product.

The UK and Ireland launch is part of a global roll-out of the product.

TopLiner acts as supplementary cover to Coface’s existing Globalalliance standard contract. It is designed to fill in where initial Globalalliance coverage is lower than requested or is denied.

Coface group chief executive Jean-Marc Pillu (pictured) said: “Created as a result of our experience with the crisis, TopLiner is part of our mission to support the commercial development of companies seeking stronger protection against the risk of overdue payments from vulnerable buyers, whether they are strategic or occasional.”

Clients do not pay anything up front for TopLiner cover. They pay only if they use it.

The product is available exclusively online. Customers get an immediate answer and the pricing is based on parameters that the customers can modify without renewal or billing of investigation and limit fees.

The customer can choose how much cover they need between €5,000 (£4,242) and €5m and the duration of the cover between 30 and 90 days.