"My auntie Marge is such a hypochondriac we changed her name to 'I can't believe she's not better'.

  • Graham Davies, motivational speaker

    "At the moment, many (insurers) are seen as being unfair and, to coin a new insurance expression, just downright 'broker phobic'."

  • Simon Bolam, Biba chairman.

    "I am surprised that you cannot believe the strength of feeling demonstrated by the debate this morning - it is a serious problem."

  • Mike Slack, AiiB chairman, after Norwich Union's Ian Burrrel expressed his surprise about the dual pricing debate.

    "I want to assure you that you are not in for muscular regulation."

  • Chris Woodburn, chief executive of GISC.

    "What we cannot do is the regulation of those setting up on a beach in the Cayman Islands broking a product into the UK."

  • Chris Woodburn.

    "The Lloyd's market as a whole has offered lousy service and that is something that comes through from all the research we have conducted on 'why brokers don't do more business at Lloyd's."

  • Nick Prettejohn, chief executive of Lloyd's.

    "There is nothing that causes me a greater amount of despair and that is 'who owns the client?' It's a sterile and silly debate."

  • Nick Prettejohn.

    "Is there a hidden agenda behind all that we are being told [by insurers]. Are the shakers and stirrers of the industry really committed to us or are they playing games with us?"

  • Simon Bolam.

    "Is there a hidden agenda in the minds of insurers to put us out of business? When we talk to senior insurance executives we receive tremendously powerful assurances that this is not on their agenda. It's obvious we remain unconvinced."

  • Mike Williams, chief executive of Biba.

    "We paid £30,000 to management consultants to find out that delays give rise to most dissatisfaction (nearly 70%)."

  • David Shaw, Crawfords (tongue-in-cheek?).

    "I believe that if you want to build a new profession that is held in high regard then the industry must change."

  • Stuart White, partner in solicitors Hexall Erskine who gave True Professionals seminar.

    "Very few insurers have the facility to deal with brokers on an internet basis. In many ways we are ahead of our insurer partners."

  • Simon Bolam.

    "Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my room?"

  • Mike Dickson, Dickson Manchester.