Insurer is calling for stronger deterrents to help the fight against fraudulent motor claims

Fraudulent slam-on crashes increased by more than half over 2013, according to data from Aviva.

The crash for cash scams increased by 51% over the past 12 months and were valued at more than £10m – the highest ever detected by the insurer.

Aviva, which has linked more than 6,000 motor injury claims to organised fraudsters, has called for stronger deterrents to help cut down the levels of fraud.

Head of claims fraud Tom Gardiner said: “The fast growth of induced accidents on our roads is cause for serious concern. Fraudsters are prepared to put the safety of innocent motorists’ and their families and passengers at risk for their own personal gain. Fraudulent accidents also divert significant public resources such as police, ambulances, emergency services and court time away from real need.

“We believe that convictions for motor injury fraud resulting from induced accidents should result in more custodial sentences that recognise the unique physical harm that this form of insurance fraud poses to motorists, as well as the wider social costs. Stronger sentences will deter would-be fraudsters and help to keep roads safer and premiums lower for customers.”

The Ministry of Justice has recently annoucned a number of measures aimed at cutting down on fraudulent whiplash claims.

Gardiner said he was hopeful these would serve to deter fraudsters and help bring down the level of claims.