Conference to be held in Manchester on 13-14 May

Biba has announced that ‘delivering our promise’ will be the theme of its 2015 conference and exhibition in Manchester Central on 13-14 May.

Chief executive Steve White said: “Biba 2015 will take place exactly one week after the General Election and, if current polls are to be believed, we may be in for another hung parliament and in the middle of coalition discussions.

“Whatever happens, the political background to our conference will be dominating our thoughts in the lead up to 2015. That’s why we decided that with so much peripheral ‘noise’ distracting businesses, we will need to focus on our core beliefs.

“And for us as an association it is our ‘promise’ to members to represent their wishes as effectively as we possibly can. And for our members it is their ‘promise’ to their customers to act as their trusted advisor and to work in their best interests in times of difficulty and hardship.”

This year’s conference was attended by a record 5,600 attendees.

The conference is free to all employees of Biba member firms, and all brokers and intermediaries are welcome to attend the exhibition at no charge.