For those intent on emptying their wallets in the Paris and New York sales, Club Direct has introduced discounted travel insurance rates.

Whether your spending spree is over Christmas or in the New Year, the direct insurer is offering special rates for short breaks to the US and Europe.

The discounted rates are available for all excursions booked before the end of this year and can be used on trips made before the end of February 2001.

For the US, the rates for full cover are £7.50, £9.75 or £12 for two, three or four days travel for one person, or £16.75, £21.80 or £30 for families with any number of children under 18.

For Europe, travel insurance is £2.50, £4.50 or £7.25 for two, three or four days. For family cover the rates are £7.50, £9.90 and £12.50 respectively.

The savings represent a 56% cut on the insurers standard rates.

Cover of £10million for medical and emergency assistance is included in the Club Direct policy, with full repatriation and air ambulance support. There is also full cover for baggage, money, missed departure and cancellation.