Dixons Group has refuted allegations of pressure selling and exploitation of an uncompetitive advantage in the sale of extended warranties for electrical goods.

The group is one of a number of retailers, manufacturers and insurers that have submitted responses to questions from the Competition Commission, which is investigating whether a monopoly situation exists in sale of electrical warranties.

A Dixons Group spokeswoman said that it was difficult to say that there was a monopoly situation when there were so many different retailers selling the warranties.

She denied that Dixons, which submitted its response on 13 December, had an unfair advantage, because the warranties were sold to customers in-store. She said: "Customers also get direct mail from credit card companies and manufactures who are selling warranties. Customers can cancel their policies with Dixons if they get a better deal."

The Competition Commission will be producing an issues statement in January or February when it has collated all the responses.