Hyperion-owned MGA hires former First Title chief executive to run division

Hyperion-owned underwriting agency DUAL has launched a division offering asset protection insurance.

DUAL Asset Underwriting (DAU) will offer asset protection insurance to home buyers, real-estate investors and will executors.

Its initial focus will be on covering commercial real-estate transactions, mortgages and inherited assets on behalf of corporate clients.

The new division will be run by former founder, chief executive and chief underwriting officer of First Title Insurance Phillip Oldcorn.

Chartered surveyor Andrew Hillier has been named DAU’s sales and marketing director.

DUAL chief executive Shane Doyle said: “This marks an exciting step for DUAL into a rapidly growing market, as we continue to diversify our portfolio to meet our clients’ needs.

“Phillip is the leading expert in this class and has created successful legal indemnities businesses in the UK and Ireland, Central and Eastern Europe, Australia and New Zealand and, most recently, in France and Western Europe.

“His legal, commercial and international experience will enable him to develop and deliver these products across our international network.

“With technical expertise and a background in building consultancy businesses, Andrew brings a wealth of commercial knowledge to the team.”

Oldcorn said: “The legal indemnity market has needed a broker-led solution for several years and DUAL is the natural place for us to build this type of business.”