Project on track for Q1 2014 launch

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) database has overcome a funding crisis and is set to go live in the first quarter of 2014.

The database will let insurers and brokers easily access driving license data, such as client conviction information, at the quotation stage.

The plans stalled in February 2012 because of a dispute over how the ABI and DVLA would fund the project. At the time this meant that the DVLA could not confirm the 2014 start date.

But Motor Insurers’ Bureau chief executive Ashton West said: “The DVLA initially got prices from their existing IT providers, but then subsequently took it out to tender, which changed the price at the end of last year – beneficially, I’m pleased to say.

“The project is on track and we’re all collectively starting work on it.

“The industry is looking for more data to be made available for validation purposes at the point of quote. This is exactly what the DVLA one will do.”

Sabre managing director Keith Morris said: “At the moment a lot of data is not being declared correctly by policyholders unfortunately, so it’s valuable data and it’s the only source.

“I think we also expect this to happen with claims data from CUE (Claims Underwriting Exchange), and with no claims discount data too.”