The Hampshire Trust and the Isle of Man Assurance Company (IOMA) have launched a web-based no-win no-fee claims management company called, which is guaranteeing claimants 100% of their damages.

The policy provided by IOMA has a premium of £410.25, which is highly competitive and, which easyClaims. com maintains, will be recoverable in the vast majority of cases.

At the conclusion of the case, if the client is successful, the solicitor's costs and the IOMA premium will be recovered from the defendant.

If, in a successful case any part of the solicitor's costs are not recoverable, the solicitor – under a special agreement with – will not make a deduction from the client's damages.

If the case is unsuccessful, then the IOMA policy will pay all costs made in favour of the other party, the solicitor's costs and the premium. can be contacted on 0800 915 0916.