Direct Line has changed one of its adverts following complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority and the General Insurance Standards Council.

The Association of Insurance Intermediaries and Brokers (AIIB) said the advert, which appeared in national newspapers, had prompted complaints from its members that it was wholly misleading.

These members included Bryan Whicher of brokers Whichers Boylan & James who first raised his objections in the letters page of Insurance Times.

In the advert, a woman is shown grinning inanely with the text: “Direct Line said they could save me 30% and they did.” Direct Line's response is: “That's because we don't rip you off with commission charges.”

The AIIB said the ad implied that intermediaries acted fraudulently and always took commission of 30%.

Direct Line said in a statement: “We took the decision earlier this month to alter the advertisement wording and the advertisement which is the subject of this latest complaint will no longer appear.”