Student insurance specialist to provide SSP digital platfom to customers

Endsleigh Insurance Services has signed a five year deal with SSP Broking.

The student insurance specialist said the deal will provide “an agile platform to attract tech-savvy students and professionals, whilst also providing its customers with the right service to retain their business into the future”.

It said the first major phase is already complete with the final two phases due by this year end.

The technology is based on SSP’s digital insurance platform and is designed to allow customers to engage with their insurance provider in a way that is easy and convenient for them.

Enabled by SSP Intelligent Quotes Hub, Endsleigh will also provide best-in-class risk selection and pricing, as well as fraud, validation and data enrichment.

Moving from its legacy system to SSP Broking will enable Endsleigh’s transition away from maintaining its own infrastructure and software, allowing it to focus on growing its business.

Adrian Coupland, customer and marketing managing director at SSP said: “I am delighted to have extended our partnership with Endsleigh, and to have it join us as an SSP Broking customer.

“Our broking solution combines SSP’s 30 plus years’ experience of developing innovative broking technology with components from market-leading third party providers, and enables Endsleigh to compete more effectively in an evolving marketplace. It also demonstrates the broker’s progressive and forward-thinking approach to IT.”

Jeff Brinley, CEO at Endsleigh said: “We are committed to providing our customers with value for money and a comprehensive range of products that meet their ongoing requirements.

“As our legacy system was constraining our ability to fully deliver on these objectives, we needed a complete solution for our future trading, and that’s what SSP’s core broking solution provides. The results SSP has helped us deliver so far have been positive and enabled us to grow the business, and are testament to its understanding of our business vision and requirements.”