Sponsored content: Mark Pallas, associate director and head of business development at Winn Group, suggets how the claims process can be improved to benefit customers

Whatever we do, however we evolve, the customer must be the one who benefits from any changes in the insurance sector.

Those companies that maintain this core belief will get stronger and expand, reaping the benefits of a customer-centric approach that is moulded around what the customer needs and when they need it in the process of making a claim.

At Winn Group, our development teams work toward the goal of making the physical process of making a claim after an accident as streamlined and interactive as possible, delivering efficiencies in case duration and limiting stress that can build up when delays arise.

In a broader sense, there needs to be greater understanding and more common ground in which both claims management company and insurer can feel validated by the engagement with ‘the other side’.

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Mark Pallas

By creating multiple protocol arrangements with insurers, you can achieve a positive outcome for everyone concerned – no mean feat when one side is seeking recompense from the other, with the customer, quite rightly, seeking a return to the position they were in before their accident.

It doesn’t need to be us against them. We have arranged protocol agreements with about 50% of the insurance sector and we are actively working on increasing that percentage. 

Saving time

Working with insurers has significantly reduced case durations, as both sides settle on a figure quicker and the claim is concluded as efficiently and effectively as possible.

There isn’t a need for litigious behaviour. There are fewer stonewall defences and there is far less friction in the process. The outcome results in customers getting a faster resolution, which is their aim.

There is less of a backlog of files, which means customer care levels can be kept high, while keeping on top of claim volumes as new work comes through, ultimately benefiting both the claims management company and the insurer. 

More protocol agreements equate to reduced loss ratios and an easing of pressure on renewal prices, with the customer at the heart of the processes from both sides. It breeds a culture of amicable co-operation to get the customer back to their pre‑accident position.

Finding a common ground approach while proactively working with insurers and setting out clear working relationships around protocol, AD and fault reporting helps to improve the speed of reporting and ultimately keeps loss ratios low.

This should be the standardised approach in the claims process. This will be the future of the market and those that reach out, those that connect and those that cement relationships across the boundaries will be the ones to flourish.

Taking this positive step forward will enhance the opportunities across the sector and deliver a better service to all involved. That’s the common ground where you will find Winn Group.

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