Insurers are lobbying the government over its proposed reforms of the fire service.

They are concerned that the reforms will see fire stations moved closer to residential areas and away from industrial estates.

Allianz Cornhill commercial property manager Tony Hutchins said: "The issue for property insurers in particular is that there is a danger of those resources being moved away from areas where you have major commercial clients.

"Industrial estates are often unoccupied overnight and there can be huge damage in terms of property, and business interruption, as well as loss of jobs for the people that work there.

"Insurers work on the basis that there will be a fire brigade response to calls, and that comes into the pricing of the risks."

But he added that concerns over loss of life came first.

The ABI said it supported the government's review of the fire service.

It said it backed the move from intervention to prevention, provided the prevention aspect was properly resourced, and there was adequate protection for property.