Beware accidents with fires in the winter.

With the nights drawing in and the evenings getting chillier, isn’t it time to think about curling up in front of a roaring fire?

Think again. Comparison site says: “It is important not to get too carried away with the romanticised ideal of a roaring log fire, as flying sparks could result in damage to nearby carpets, and even to the entire house.”

Winter, it seems, is a golden opportunity for homes to be burnt down, damaged by heating appliances or burgled – with all the claims that result.

Darren Black, head of home insurance, says: “Dusty electric heaters, roaring fires and boilers which haven’t been turned on for most of the summer heighten the risk of claiming on your home insurance during the winter.

“We are also seeing the evenings getting darker earlier, which provides the perfect concealment for opportunistic burglars.”

Oh well, not long till spring.